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So the FBI and the Department of Justice have NOTHING better to do than to take down the nefarious megaupload? So everything else in the U.S. is completely, 100% perfect?


I honestly cannot believe that this was deemed so important for the federal government. I signed petitions and contacted my congressman/senators about sopa, but that's politicians pandering to the power of lobbyists working on behalf of the entertainment industry. This? I don't even know.

Seriously...the FBI? The DOJ?

How about they go after REAL threats. Like the hackers that create viruses, like the one that nearly destroyed my computer a month ago? Or those that plant credit card skimmers at self check-outs in local grocery stores and steal a shitload of credit card numbers? No! It's much more important to go after a website that allows people to upload/download movies, music and shit.

And before you start whining to me that it's the poor guy in the editing room or the sound mixer or the grip that's getting screwed out of his feeble paycheck? That just speaks louder about how fucked up some industries are and how perhaps there should be salary caps on said professions. Like professional athletics, television and film actors, directors and what passes for a musician nowadays. No person "needs" to make $3.5 million. And since that's considered a "lowball" salary, I think that says enough.

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