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I sometimes feel like fics should have a warning for a sad ending. I'm not talking about character death, but just when things for the pairing don't work out and there's heartbreak without any resolution. Sometimes I need some prep for a fic to emotionally bitchslap me. Also if it's definitely not something to read while PMSing.

It's just that while you're reading a fic (particularly a long one) you get so invested and you're reading the fic in the first place because it's a pairing that you love and even though you love to put them through the proverbial emotional meat grinder, you still want some hope at the end. I'm not talking the happily ever after bullshit, though at times I'm so not opposed to that, but some resolution.

I just need to be prepared if I'm going to be emotionally flayed by a fic is all.

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