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I'm working on my cracky X-Men series and having SUCH writer's block with this installment that I'm working on. It's being such a bitch!

Maybe it's some of the truly crappy holiday fic out now. Seriously, do people not get that Erik is JEWISH? He would NOT be celebrating Christmas. Did they not get the whole part of the movie about the holocaust and the concentration camp and yellow star on his jacket and you know...half the damn plot of the movie (or at least the motivation for it)?!

Even if, and it's a BIG IF, he didn't want to celebrate Chanukah, he wouldn't be celebrating Christmas people! In fact, he probably would acknowledge Chanukah as a way of saying Fuck you to the Nazis, as I think he would do with all relevant holidays.

I just get very annoyed at the presumption that everyone *loves* Christmas and wants to join in the celebration, regardless of their actual religion or holiday this time of year.


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