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I'm sticking my head in the proverbial fandom sand to avoid personal issues going on and I've gotta ask:

Is anyone else on here watching Suits?

It's on USA network, one of those new original summer series. But on top of that, I swear this is the gayest show on TV since QAF.

There are two male leads, Harvey & Mike. The sexual tension between them is staggering and palpable! Now they've had each slept with a requisite woman to show the audience their "straightness" but these two are so obvious fucking each other it is unbelieveable. The show is only on episode 5 and there is already quite a devoted little slash following.

And it is not just about the unbelieveable amount of ass fucking going on late night at a law firm pretty. It is amusing and smart and entertaining.

Yes, these two are fucking:

*Harvey to Mike in Episode 5

Date: 7/24/11 12:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I haven't seen it, but it sounds good.

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